We focus on golf grips, shaft fitting and junior club length fitting.

Junior Clubs

http://bobsgolfworkshop.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=61_150_151 Matching club length to child’s height is a key requirement for junior clubs.

These 3 juniors require far different length clubs

Brand named junior clubs are sold at 2 to 3 lengths based on age groups. Age is not relevant, height is.

Our junior clubs come untrimmed. On the sport we trim to match the child’s height and fix the grip. It takes less then 5 minutes per club and the club can be used in 3 hours.



  • No need to buy new clubs for fast growing kids.
  • Clubs can be extended up to 6 inches (15cm).
  • Extension cost $10 per club
  • Grip removal and re-install at $5 each



  • Economy Package (2 Irons, 1 Wood & Putter) … $99.   
  • Putter … from $25.
  • Fairway Wood  … from $90
  • Driver  …  from $99
  • Hybrid  … from $90
  • Stainless steel Iron head on graphite shaft … $49 each.
  • Stainless steel Iron head on ultra light shaft … $69 each.
  • Junior bag  … from $40

Juniors normally play with less than half set, with Irons in odd or even numbers and a fairway wood and/or a hybrid but no Driver.  (Some makes may have  a fairway wood denoted as No: 1 but the loft is not a Driver loft.)  Usually SW is not included.

We offer a more complete Iron selection of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, P, SW & LW. Serious players need more clubs to improve on scores.

We also custom fit juniors for Driver, Fairway Woods and Hybrids.

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