We focus on golf grips, shaft fitting and junior club length fitting.


Shaft Selection

Shaft selection is a critical element in custom-fitting your golf clubs. To do this, we will analyse your golf swing with data generated from our GC2 Launch Monitor.


For any particular golf swing, there is a matching shaft frequency (expressed as Cycle Per Minute or CPM) that best fits.
Relevant flex frequency ranges from 160 to over 300 CPM. Typically, shaft makers offer 5 or 6 flexes for each model, denoted as L, A or R2, R1, S & X. For example Aldila shafts are:

FLEX    L    A    R    S        X
FREQUENCY IN CYCLE PER MINUTE  215   230   245   260   275

If what you need is 237 CPM , we will not recommend Aldila for you. We will suggest Graphite Design’s Tour AD DI5 R1 which flexes at 236 CPM.


Hope to play better with new shafts?
Choice of club fitter is crucial. Check out the following:

  • How does the fitter assess your requirements?
  • Does the fitter use a Frequency Machine to check your shaft flex?
  • What would the fitter do to help you if you fail to improve with the new shaft?
  • Does the fitter offer CPM shafts in addition to shafts made to L-A-R-S-X flexes?
  • Can the fitter re-shaft an iron set frequency matched to within +/- 4 Cycles Per Minute (CPM)?

At Bob’s Golf, we use the Foresight GC2 launch monitor with Ping software to analyze your shots before recommending shafts.

You will definitely play better when your shaft flexes at a frequency within your comfort zone of some 4 Cycles Per Minute (CPM).

If your mind is set on a particular aftermarket shaft brand, we will indent it if we do not have it in stock, lowest price guaranteed.

BACK-UP:  If you still have problem you may return (within 3 months) to trade-in for a softer or stiffer shaft as needed based on your performance feedback,paying only $25 for the shaft change.  Many cases are due to the fact that players swing differently when they actually play on the course.

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