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Teaching Golf

You cannot find a Pro in Singapore more passionate and proficient than PHUA THIN KIAY in teaching juniors 4 years and older.

We are recommending him as a preferred golf Pro. (We receive no commission from him. Neither does he receive any commission from us.)

Straits Times reported on 12/12/2004 that Phua was one of Singapore’s most talented amateur golfer”. From 1966 to 1968 he scored several firsts – the first Singaporean to win The Singapore Amateur Open, The Malaysian Amateur Open and the Putra Cup, symbol of South-east Asian supremacy.

“That gave him the local ‘Grand-Slam’,a feat that has not been repeated since.  As professional, he represented Singapore in the World Cup for five consecutive years…..” 

“After turning pro in 1969 , he won a few local tournaments, but devoted most of his time to teaching juniors”

Phua was reported to say : “I never wanted to be a touring pro because , back in those day, there were few events to play in….I prefer to spend time with children , and groom them.”

More than 20 of his charges have made the national team.  Unless they drop out due to the lack of interest or other reasons , almost all of the juniors who joined when below 10 , can play handicap 12 or less when grown up.

Several of them have turned Pro.

Phua hopes to find a kid with talent and to help nurture him/her to international success.

Phua conducts lessons only at the Executive Golf Course where there is a nine hole golf course for on course lessons in addition to lessons at the Driving Rage.

You may contact Phua direct at 9753 1528.