We focus on golf grips, shaft fitting and junior club length fitting.


Play better golf with more comfortable grips. Custom-fitting your golf grips & shafts in Singapore has never been easier.  


Selection Process:


Step 1: Measure hand size 



















Step 2: Choose Grip Size & Shape

Description of items from left:

(a) Junior grip (b) Lady size 1 (c) Lady size 2 (d) Men’s Undersize (e) Standard size (f) Mid size (g) Jumbo size

Where required size is in between grip size, extra layer or layers of masking tape can applied to thicken up. Build up can be made to the whole grip and/or to the either the lower or upper part of the grip.

The grip size help golfer control ball flight. E.g smaller grips tends to promote draw or reduce slice.


Step 3: Focus on Texture & Feel

Description of items from right:

(a) Full cord with grooves (b) Plain full cord with fine finish (c) Half cord (d) Non-cord with thumb lines soft feel (e) Pain Non-cord ,soft feel (f) Non-cord vibration Dampening (g) Tour Wrap II. Tacky

For golfer with sweaty palms cords grips offer better traction and will slip less. Otherwise the non-cords grips are softer and give better feel and cost less.

For those with very dry palms the tackiness of Tour Wrap II feels more secure.


Step 4: Test hit Demos before deciding



Step 5: Select available colour


Step 6: Install grip





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